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TV channel advocates the use of concrete flooring

Channel 4 has advocated the use of concrete flooring in houses to give home-owners’ space a contemporary feel but also explains how it is a practical choice, too. On its website, the TV channel justifies the reason it loves concrete flooring is because it’s hardwearing and ideal for creating a cutting edge, industrial feel.  It describes the choices available including polished concrete tiles which come in various sizes or a poured concrete floor which is installed whole. Both types come in a range of colours and need to be fitted professionally by concrete flooring contactors. They promote how concrete is suitable for under floor heating.

Channel 4 recommends large, 900x900mm square tiles in natural tones as these have proved very popular and can be laid by two contractors – any bigger than this then several contractors would be needed to transfer them because they’re so heavy, and this would increase costs. Channel 4 also proposes the option of a seamless, glossy finish, where poured concrete sets in situ and has no joins.

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