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Armoured joint rebrands

Permaban’s BetaPlus armoured joint for concrete floors has been rebranded Permaban Eclipse and re-launched at the IMHX materials handling exhibition.

Eclipse has been designed specifically for concrete flooring in distribution centres, warehouses and industrial buildings.  Its robust design is engineered to withstand the frequent impact of small, hard forklift truck wheels passing over the joint.

Construction joints are gaps created in large-scale concrete floors which permit the floor’s natural movement as it cures.  Yet without protection, the exposed concrete edges (arrises) will quickly disintegrate from the impact of materials handling vehicles.  Armoured joints protect these exposed arrises, preventing costly repairs to both the floor and vehicles.

The performance for Eclipse has been proven through an arduous R&D testing process, including intensive cycling on a test rig, with impressive results.  Several successful installations of the product have also taken place since its initial launch including the Cannock logistics hub for APC, the UK’s largest independent parcel network.

Eclipse uses much thinner steel than traditional armoured joints, which is shaped to completely envelope the concrete arris.  A solid triangular reinforcing section provides support beneath the top corners, ensuring the top edges hold their shape under impact.  Thanks to this clever design Eclipse uses less steel, yet offers even greater protection than traditional-style heavy-duty armoured joints.

Other Eclipse features help ensure a superior and trouble-free installation for concrete flooring contractors – which means clients can enjoy a swifter handover, with fewer snagging issues.

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