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Hollywood star to sell Sydney property

Australian actress Cate Blanchett is selling her luxury Sydney-based property as she is due to relocate to the United States.

The concrete-floored property, which is located in the Hunters Hill area of the Australian city, is on the market for £9m.

During the 10-year tenure of Blanchett and her family, the house has been extensively renovated, transforming it from a historic property to a high-spec, glamourous and industrial-style home.

Located on the waterfront, the building boasts many unique and fascinating features, which includes a huge kitchen complete with a stainless steel island, and polished concrete flooring to add a look of luxury.

The house, named Bulwarra, is a sandstone mansion that was originally built in 1877 and takes its places in Australia’s oldest garden suburb. The property covers 3,642 square meters of land and comes with a pavilion, guesthouse, tennis courts and, of course, a pool. It also has access to the Parramatta River.

The luxury pad was purchased in 2005 by Blanchett, who brought in the help of architects to transform the house into a private, eco-friendly and tranquil retreat for her and her family. Arnott’s Biscuits, one of the biggest heritage firms in Australia, is one of the mansion’s previous owners, having bought the property back in 1904. Since then, it has only changed hands a small number of times.

The property has been listed for sale on the site of Australian property company Domain and, with its amazing features and stunning views, it is expected to sell quickly.

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