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Understanding the characteristics of concrete for flooring is essential

The need for contractors to have a thorough understanding of all the characteristics of concrete for floors is essential to producing a top quality product says The Cement & Concrete Institution (C&CI).

The institution believes this is because the properties of concrete proportioning and handling for vertical and horizontal structures can vary significantly and special care is necessary when designing mixes and placing concrete in horizontal structures such as floors. Detailing, design and construction practice are aspects of concrete flooring that require specific training, as the influence of material selection and environmental inconsistencies, as well as handling and finishing, are essential to producing a high-quality concrete floor. Disregarding any of these factors can result in challenges, which if noticed too late in the process cannot be changed.

The C&CI is offering a one day training course to engineers and flooring contractors which aims to help them overcome challenges with design, joints, reinforcement and surface finishing. The course syllabus is extensive and also covers the selection of materials, construction of the subgrade and subbase, and concrete requirements, as well as construction and finishing of concrete industrial floors. The institute can be contacted for confirmation of the training dates.

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