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Hand Laid Floors

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring, we have been working with building contractors and specifiers for over 40 years. Delivering industrial concrete floors designed to last and perform in the most stringent of conditions, our experience allows us to work with safety and cost in mind.

Whenever the construction requires hand laid floors, we provide the experience and innovation to achieve the quality required. Whatever the environment and location, our dedicated workforce can deliver installations tailored to each project.

hand laid concrete floor in a warehouse
A quality finish from the start

We are able to provide hand laid floors, formwork and reinforcement for any purpose, ensuring the finish is completed to the highest standard.

In order to get the right mix and qualities, it is essential that the tolerances and load capacities required are understood right from the start. Through a complete understanding and analysis of the requirements, we can ensure the structural integrity of any floor.

When deciding which toppings to apply, the make up of the foundation is essential. Able to use structural screeds on precast substrates, this can only be achieved with professional and exacting calculations, which ensure all forces can be carried.

Delivering at every level

The workmanship and expertise we apply to each project allow us to hand lay concrete floors to suit a multilevel structure.

The difference in the compounds and methods used for ground floor slabs, and upper levels, is important in this regard. Taking in considerations such as load bearings and spans, we ensure a surface resilient to cracking and with the necessary support whatever its location.

Whether looking for a hand laid slabs, or a pumped concrete solution, Couldwell Concrete Flooring provide industry leading services. With traditional and modern techniques, our highly trained staff are committed to completing each job to budget and in the safest way to protect all on the build.