External Hard Standings

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring, we have more than 40 years experience in providing contractors with industrial concrete floors designed and installed to perform. By employing cutting edge techniques and methods, our professional teams work with our clients to deliver a final product which meets and exceeds expectations.

Using the latest materials and innovations available, concrete offers the perfect solution for external hard standings. Ideal for functions such as car parks, working areas and industrial aprons, it provides a range of benefits no matter the use required.

external hardstanding concrete flooring
A hard wearing surface

For all outdoor areas, with continuous foot or vehicular traffic, concrete is ideal. It is naturally hard wearing, able to take heavy and constant loads from trailers and loaders, and resilient to heavy impacts. Able to resist diesel and other petroleum spillages too, it tailored for safety.

Safety and maintenance

The natural resistance to spillages, also allows concrete flooring to be cleaned efficiently. With excellent natural drainage too, and able to be included with skid resistance, surfaces can be kept free of slipping hazards and provides great durability through all weathers.

Industrial concrete flooring for outdoor use is also preferable to other materials for the relative light colour it affords. This allows areas to be well illuminated for members of the public, and employees and visitors, whilst zonal markings have high visibility in all light conditions.

Design for durability

The success of any external hard standing lies in the design process. From ascertaining the thickness of the slabs required, to setting out where joint layouts will ensure maximum durability, each step needs a considered and expert approach.

For all environments, and across all sectors, we can provide tailored solutions for all concrete flooring needs. Providing a cost effective and safety conscious approach, Couldwell Concrete Flooring delivers results that work inside and out.