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Zac to rack up the millions through Hollywood home

Actor Zac Efron is looking to sell his luxury house in Florida, and hopes to pocket the best part of $3m for it.

The Hollywood Hills abode, which includes such features as heated concrete flooring, enormous wall windows and a de luxe swimming pool, has been put up for sale by the High School Musical star, who recently bought a new place in California.

The glitzy dwelling, which is secluded despite measuring at 2,400 square feet, is not going cheap though. In fact, the 26-year-old has slapped a price tag of $2.849m on it, luxury living website has reported.

If Efron gets a buyer to match his price, he will have made a tidy profit on the home, which he bought just over five years ago for $2.35m. It has been dubbed a “party pad” by some sections of the media, as it was often used for large gatherings of friends when Efron was younger and enjoying his new-found fame.

The wealthy actor is clearly not selling the home in order to economise, however, having spent close to $4m on a new place to live in Los Angeles back in October. At more than 5,600 square feet in area, the acquisition is more than double the size of the Hollywood home he leaves behind.

Efron has recently hit the big screen once again with a role in the romantic comedy ‘That Awkward Moment’, and is currently playing a voice role in the filming of a DC Comics production.

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