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Laser Screed Flooring

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring we are proud to lead the way in providing advanced floor solutions to the UK construction industry. Throughout the country, our innovative Laser Screed flooring helps engineers, contractors and project managers deliver on their ambitions, no matter how exacting the specifications.

laser screed concrete flooring
A revolutionary approach

Laser Screed flooring has completely revolutionised how concrete is placed and levelled. off. Improving both the quality and consistency of the floors produced, the flatness and levelness that is now possible is far and away better than anything seen in previous years.

A cost effective approach

The improved results are also achieved in a quicker time and by smaller crews. Allowing on site resources to be maximised, the volumes enhanced, and, final production costs driven down, contractors are able to accelerate their builds safely, cost effectively and without compromise.

The laser-guided approach

Through the use of the latest laser-guided levelling equipment, Laser Screed flooring can be achieved in the most technologically advanced way. Speeding up operations further and achieving more precise results by constant laser guided checking points, the most exacting parameters can be met.

A simple approach

The technology allows for even the highest quality results to be achieved on otherwise complicated areas too. Able to work around obstructions such as manhole covers, pillars and other furniture, the speed at which the machine can operate helps reduce project time lines significantly.

For all floors

Whether installing a warehouse floor, exhibition space or sales area, Laser Screed flooring is the best approach. For reinforced areas too, be it a loading zone, airport apron or runway, it makes perfect sense, being able to deliver exactness and efficiency in equal measure.

Over 40 years of experience

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring, we have the experience and knowledge to assist projects of any size. Delivering expertise as standard since 1974, we are helping to construct the strong foundations that UK business can be built on now, and in the future.