Composite Metal Floors

Couldwell Concrete Flooring has been successfully providing composite metal floors to the industry for nearly 40 years… We design installations that work. With market leading innovation, our dedicated teams can work with structures required for every purpose.

The use of composite metal floors affords many benefits, and has become standard in many constructions from new build offices to retail sites. Working closely with the leading design names, we deliver tailored made products for any purpose.

composite metal deck laid by concrete flooring contractors
An efficient performance

Composite metal flooring has many benefits over other solutions. Arguably the greatest of these is with how efficiently it performs through construction and lifetime.

Ahead of anything else, it requires less concrete in the process, which promotes sustainability and reduces the material cost of the construction. Further than this, the weight is reduced, resulting in greater spans being achieved.

Because of the reduction in weight, less support is needed, which allows greater volumes and thereby more usable space to be created.

Having their main strength and integrity within, whether constructed from steel or polymer fibre, composite floors can also be built with slimmer height requirements, which again allows for greater space creation, and can allow for additional levels and storeys.

Simplicity, safety and speed

Composite slabs can be craned into position in large quantities, which helps keep projects to time and on budget, Causing minimal disruption to local traffic, and minimising storage needs, costs are driven down further.

Once in place, simple and effective in-situ concrete flooring techniques can be used for rapid completion.

Ensuring the design stage incorporates all elements of the project and access points are secured, risks to both the public and workers can also be assessed ahead of construction.

In many areas, composite metal flooring is the perfect choice, which delivers builds of a high quality and high performance. Using practised techniques which conform to all safety standards, the Couldwell Concrete Flooring teams ensure the final product is finished to perfection.