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A maintenance programme is necessary for polished concrete floors in buildings which get a lot of repetitive foot traffic such as retail outlets.

Low-maintenance polished concrete has been sold as a ‘no maintenance’ floor for years. Though its durability exceeds any other flooring on the market, as with all flooring investments, polished concrete needs some care to keep its aesthetic. Neglect, harsh chemicals, and repetitive foot traffic can dull the shine if the proper maintenance is not addressed.  This is especially important in retail facilities where stores have to appeal to customers.  Most retail outlets choose a polished concrete to achieve a clean, high shine aesthetic.

It’s prudent for shopping arcades and store owners to invest in a quarterly maintenance program for polished concrete that provides store owners with expert care for their floors, saving them money while ensuring the lasting performance of their investment. The maintenance programme should include routine inspection and performance testing, stain removal, burnishing, and reapplication of sealer to the floors. Some maintenance contractors will also work closely with in-house operations staff to ensure proper on-going training. Using a maintenance contract can double or triple the useful life of a polished concrete floor.

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