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Architect recommends concrete flooring for fire stations

An architect and public safety expert have outlined the reasons why concrete flooring is the best floor surface for the fire stations and other buildings where safety, looks and durability are important.

Candice Wong is an architect who is head of Ten Over Studio. An expert on safe durable materials, she has designed fire station buildings that need low-maintenance, durable and safe flooring that is not too expensive. Speaking to firefighters’ information site, she recommends polished concrete flooring to meet these criteria.

Polished concrete flooring has gone through a grinding process that exposes the aggregates from the concrete mix, which creates a slip-resistant texture. A waterproof solution is added to protect against moisture and staining.

For aesthetic appeal, Wong explains that colour pigments are added to the concrete, which is consistent throughout the thickness of the concrete and is fade resistant. An alternative is to acid stain the concrete mix, but this means the colour is not consistent throughout the concrete and can cause floors to be slippery. For a lower-cost floor, plain concrete flooring can be installed.

Concrete is durable but can be refinished easily when worn. Furthermore, existing concrete can be stained hardened and sealed.

Concrete flooring is a versatile covering used in fire stations and many other commercial buildings where durable and safe flooring is necessary. In praising the material, Wong notes:

“An everyday slab of grade concrete can be transformed into a highly durable and low-maintenance polished floor.”

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