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Why the market for concrete crack filler is growing

According to new data published by A2Z market research, the concrete crack filler market is expected to grow significantly during the next few years.

Concrete is a durable flooring material ideal for a wide range of industrial applications. In busy areas, concrete can be subject to wear and tear and this can cause cracks and holes. Extreme temperature changes can also create cracks, which is why cement crack fillers have been developed to provide an easy solution for this issue.

Even if the concrete cracks are not large, they should not be ignored, as the integrity of a concrete floor may be compromised. Small cracks have the tendency to grow into larger ones.

New resin polyester compounds are being developed to mend concrete cracks. For food preparation or meat processing areas, cement fillers are available that are approved to comply with the relevant health and safety regulations. Pre-mixed fillers consisting of 100% solid polyester are available too.

Modern fillers set quickly so that there is minimum disruption to the business operations. The best fillers bond securely to all concrete floors and are water and abrasion-resistant. Similarly, there are fillers that can be used in freezing conditions without the need to warm up the floor with heating lamps or propane torches. In damp working areas, fillers can be applied to cope with high moisture.

As more concrete flooring is installed in busy workplaces, there will be a growing demand for quality concrete fillers that are easy to apply.

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