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Pandemic fuels high demand for easy-to-clean concrete flooring

The current focus on hygiene and Covid-19 restrictions has fuelled a high demand for flooring that can be cleaned easily – a trend the Construction Leadership Council expects to continue.

Wellness is a priority for many organisations. Keith Bewley, an expert in concrete flooring, says:

“Building wellness is paramount and that starts with the right kind of flooring and maintenance.”

Polished concrete flooring is an easy-to-clean solution as it has a non-porous smooth finish. Many new commercial buildings are installing polished concrete flooring as standard, while existing buildings can be fitted with new polished concrete floors.

Routine maintenance of polished concrete flooring includes a daily dry mopping to remove dust, followed by wet mopping with clean water and a concrete floor cleaning solution. In large areas, this is best performed with a machine that has a nonabrasive pad. In a small areas, hand mopping with a mop and bucket is fine, although any stains and spills should be cleaned up as soon as they occur.

The Office for National Statistics has reported that there is a higher than usual demand for concrete and other raw materials at present. This is likely in part due to how easy it is to clean in a Covid-19 environment, but the pandemic has also caused some challenges with shipping.

However, concrete flooring companies are planning well into the future to make sure they have adequate supplies of concrete to satisfy their clients, and the Construction Leadership Council predicts that the high demand for concrete will continue for the foreseeable future.

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