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New approach to wetroom drainage offers slick finish

A new wall drain that has recently launched onto the market could offer a far more contemporary finish to wetrooms, as well as providing more effective results.

With a height of just 67mm, the new drain will be able to cope well with high-water flows across shallow concrete floors. For the upper floors of new build apartment blocks in particular, the concept could prove invaluable.

With the higher floors of a building having a much shallower depth of concrete and insulation than the ground floors, the shallow trap will provide excellent drainage. A new system, using waterless technology, has been developed to ensure this is the case.

By incorporating a high-end waterless trap, sealed by a spring-loaded mechanism, it does not dry out, even when left redundant for extended periods. This makes it a particularly well-suited design for showers and wetrooms that are unused for a continuous length of time.

For properties such as flats used for student accommodation and holiday lets, it could be an extremely effective development. It could also prove successful in the consumer market, as an increasing number of private homes have guest en suites installed.

With a linear trough too, the waste position is able to be rotated a full 360 degrees. This allows all under floor obstructions to be easily avoided while also making an ideal installation, no matter the size of the wetroom.

For concrete flooring contractors, architects and specifiers, the new trap could help speed up installations as well as provide cost savings at final delivery.

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