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Remote-control excavator developed

A unique, remote-controlled excavator has been created to assist demolition specialists in the UK.

The new machinery has been designed by JCB, a British multinational corporation that manufactures equipment for industries including demolition, construction and agriculture.

JCB’s new excavator combines two previous models, with the undercarriage of the JS220LC being merged with the upper structure of the JCB JS190. The resulting 21-tonne machine is marketed to be able to deploy multi-processor attachments, without overbearing weight.

The first of these excavators has been purchased by Coleman & Company, a Birmingham-based business that specialises in services such as demolition. It has been in the industry for over 50 years, and is a family-run firm now in its third generation.

The company intends to use this piece of equipment as part of its work on redeveloping Birmingham New Street rail station, which includes the removal of concrete flooring. The remote-controlled excavator allows the company to operate the machine in areas that are deemed to be too dangerous for an employee to operate the vehicle from within the cab.

Having asked JCB to design this excavator, Chris Holland, the technical manager of Coleman & Company, is pleased with the outcome as this particular project is risky, since it will involve working around 12 live train lines.

The company expects to use the JCB excavator on the rail station project for the next nine months at least. After completion of this job, the company can continue to use the machine for future demolition jobs.

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