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Report recommends concrete flooring in timber buildings

7th February 2022 by couldwelladmin Concrete 0 comments

A report on mass timber buildings has recommended they should include concrete flooring, all-concrete cores and steel.

The report, named “Insurance challenges of mass timber construction and a possible way forward”, was published by the RISCAuthority, which researched timber construction on behalf of 24 insurers. The report says that timber-framed properties are more at risk from fire and water damage than buildings based on more non-combustible materials. To limit insurance claims by owners and occupiers of timber-framed buildings, the report recommends adding more concrete, including concrete flooring and steel to the designs of timber buildings.

Architects that specialize in timber buildings have challenged the report’s findings. Critics of the report claim that it has not taken into account the Structural Timber Association guidance on fire and water damage prevention for timber-framed properties. Insurers have reported that there has been an increase in insurance claims related to timber buildings.

The director of RISCAuthority, Jim Glockling, said:

“What we are hoping this document will do is start to get people thinking upfront what they can do to make a building insurable.”

UK building regulations stipulate that flooring has to provide structural support for its contents, users and the weight of the floor itself. Floors at ground level must resist heat loss and ground moisture.

Concrete flooring, when installed by professionals, conforms to all regulations. Concrete is a non-combustible material so is not a fire risk, and is a suitable flooring for timber buildings and ones constructed from concrete and steel.

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