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Battersea goes public with redesign plans

The interior designs for the Battersea Power Station project have been revealed by the Rockwell Group.

The group is working in tandem with Wilkinson Eyre Architects to redevelop the abandoned power station, with its inspiration coming from the industrial ages during which plants such as this thrived.

Battersea was closed as a power station in 1983 and remained unused for 30 years after that. It is currently being redeveloped and converted into a multi-functional building that will contain office space, shops and luxury flats.

The plant’s boiler house is set to be divided up into six floors of offices, as well as a lobby. The buildings concrete flooring will be layered with differently textured sections, including wood patterns and embedded penny tiles. Rockwell has said that this will “create a sense of movement and choreography.”

The designers and architects are hoping to give the building a reference to its history and intend to do this by using pieces of coal vacuum sealed into glass panels to give it a timeless feel.

As well as the office space, the building will boast a 14,000m² market area on the first floor. which will contain shops and food kiosks. Plans for this area of the building will include handcrafted fixtures and furniture made of blackened steel and brass.

Battersea’s transformation will give it a new and modern look, which will attract people to it by giving a “multi-sensory experience”, according to Rockwell

This redevelopment project is set to be completed and open for business in 2019.

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