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Precast Flooring Federation’s Code Expanded

The Precast Flooring Federation’s Code of practice has been expanded to embrace aspects not previously covered. Precast concrete floors offer excellent in use performance with respect to durability, acoustics, fire and thermal mass, and now installation by PFF members will be even safer.

The manual handling operations regulations have been extended to incorporate noise and vibration at work. Another introduction is a reference to the regulations for silica dust in HSE guidance publications CIS 36 Silica dust and CIS 54 Dust control on concrete cutting saws.

Regarding design, there are now specific provisions for installing precast concrete flooring onto steelwork. In addition, the installation of precast concrete floors on masonry now includes guidelines for thin joint construction.

The lifting equipment has been considerably modified; there are now requirements for planning the lifting operation, with the selection and duties of personnel clearly defined. There are guidelines for selecting cranes, crane siting is also covered and there is a new requirement for the main contractor to confirm the hard-standing bearing capacity and for a ‘Permit to lift’ confirmation.

Operating machinery near overhead cables is always a danger and the Code now considers such proximity hazards, particularly working near electricity lines and aerodromes/airfields. Of course, crane designs vary enormously and so guidelines for different types of crane have been added.

In addition, there are notes on other lifting devices and additional guidelines on barring and jacking when moving components and materials. Finally, with additional on-site works, the use of in-situ concrete section now includes more detail along with provisions for cutting units on site.

Members of PFF, which includes concrete flooring contractors, believe this code is of such importance that they have voted that adherence and independent audit to the code is a mandatory condition of membership of their federation.

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