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Concrete flooring supports Shropshire independent living complex

A new 63-apartment project built for the over 55s features more than 1,000 cubic metres of concrete flooring.

The first tenants to the newly built Oakwood housing complex in Wellington, Telford have recently moved in. The Shropshire complex offers independent living accommodation for the over 55s and is an alternative to residential care. The idea behind the project is to enable older people to be as independent as possible.

Design features include widened doors for wheelchair access, wet rooms and facilities for electricity-powered buggies. Shared facilities where residents can meet include a restaurant, café/bar, activities room, lounge and laundry room.

The project is run by the Wrekin Housing Trust and Choices Housing Association. Design and building was by local construction company McPhilips in conjunction with 37 other contractors. A workforce of over 100 people was employed on the project, and it took 67 weeks for them to build the three-storey building. Over 106,000 bricks were laid and 1,200 cubic metres of concrete flooring were required.

The site manager, Dave Franklin, expressed his enthusiasm, saying:

“It’s great fun to build a building like this from concept to finished project. You are given drawings and you have to put them all together and at the end you can walk away thinking you have helped build something for society.”

Concrete flooring was ideal for Oakwood as it is easy to maintain, long lasting and economical to install. When covered with non-slip surfaces, concrete floors are a safe platform for elderly residents.

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