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Insulated concrete formwork boosts buildings’ energy efficiency

8th December 2022 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 comments

Concrete flooring and formwork feature in many new luxury home designs, and one high-end home builder is integrating insulation materials such as polystyrene into concrete to make homes more energy efficient.

Agilitee uses insulated concrete formwork (ICF), which is common in North America and mainland Europe, but fairly new to the UK.

ICF increases the energy efficiency rating of homes and reduces heating bills. ICF walls have an airtight envelope able to decrease the energy required to heat a room by up to 70%. This airtightness also reduces moisture and mould, helping keep rooms cool on hot days. Another benefit is that ICF has acoustic properties to reduce unwanted noise, making the home more comfortable to live in.

Agilitee’s managing director Chum Narayan said:

“We are finding that ICF has become the future of construction due to its many advantages.”

It is quicker to construct houses using ICF as it requires fewer interior and exterior construction processes than traditional built homes. This reduces construction costs, making ICF a cost-effective material.

Agilitee also constructs commercial buildings and ICF can play a role here too, mainly in the construction of walls.

New concrete flooring can be insulated by first adding a damp-proof membrane and an insulation layer before the concrete is added. For existing concrete flooring, insulation boards can be laid on top of the concrete.

Both residential and commercial building owners need to save energy and reduce energy bills. Well-insulated homes and commercial buildings are energy efficient and reduce carbon emissions.

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