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Concrete floor coating market worth $6.49bn by 2030

The industry research organisation Brainy Insights has predicted that the global market for concrete floor coatings will be worth $6.49bn, or around £5.4bn, by 2030.

The growth in the use of concrete flooring is driven by the expansion of construction projects throughout the world.

The total value of the concrete flooring coating market in 2021 was $4.53bn (£3.82bn) and the market is expected to grow by a 4% compound annual growth rate (CAGR).

Untreated concrete flooring is porous and can let in water or chemical pollutants. After a while, cracks can appear, which indicates the floor is deteriorating. Quality constructors use concrete floor coatings that offer stain resistance, water protection and freezing protection, and can help prevent structural damage.

Concrete coating manufacturers are developing coatings that are environmentally friendly and free of harmful volatile organic compounds (VOC).

In many areas of the world, there is a growth of industrial activity and the infrastructure is being upgraded. The rapidly growing number of industrial and commercial buildings has created a high demand for coated concrete flooring. Floors made from concrete are also being used in residential construction projects.

Consumers and manufacturers are becoming more aware of the benefits of concrete, which is a durable, abrasive resistant and reliable material. Concrete flooring is safe for workers to use and is hygienic, while epoxy, polyurethane and other coatings make it more durable. Epoxy coatings are available at a reasonably low price to add electrical insulation and greater chemical and heat resistance.

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