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Concrete floor staining trends for 2018 revealed

The concrete coating manufacturer Surecrete has identified a number of concrete floor staining trends for 2018.

There is pressure on architects and constructors to build environmentally friendly buildings, which is why many concrete floors are being treated with water-based eco-friendly stains that contains no harmful volatile organic compounds. They also make concrete floors easy to maintain.

Most businesses do not want plain grey concrete flooring for public areas, which is why stains are available in a variety of colours. Nontoxic stains are for areas used by vulnerable people such as children and the elderly. Several colours can be used to create pattern effects. Unlike paint, stains do not peel.

Stains come in many colours and Surecrete has identified the top nine trending stain colours for 2018. These are all semi-transparent stains. If the concrete is first treated with a white overlay, the stain will result in lighter hues than covering grey concrete. There are nine trending colours: Beechnut, Burnt Crimson, Domino (pure black), Espresso (brown), Kayak (dappled blight brown), Navy Blue, Pewter (delicate grey), Titanium Grey and Walnut Grey.

Stains can be combined with custom stamps to provide a textured look. A beechnut stain with a woodgrain stamp creates the appearance of a wooden floor, while a plank stamp effect will create the illusion of hardwood floor planks.

Coloured stains can also be used in the home, both inside and outside to brighten up patio areas. Surecrete is confident that eco-friendly stained floors will appear in more buildings in 2018.

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