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Prefab concrete flooring key to VW acceleration

The use of precast concrete flooring is helping the rapid construction of a new car showroom in London, by driving down timelines and the breadth of on-site work needed.

The building seeing the benefits is the new showroom for Volkswagen. Located in the west of the capital, in Brentford, the use of the preformed concrete slabs is key to reducing the sign off on the building by about three months.

The robustness of the project is also strengthened with there being fewer constraints imposed by the weather. It also means that the internal works of the build will be able to get underway sooner, with no supports having to be removed and the curing time for the flooring being significantly reduced.

The novel approach has impressed the powers that be, with the project manager for the build, Jonathan Williams, saying:

“Volkswagen is a company that values innovative engineering solutions, so the management appreciated the solution we provided because it was from one engineer to another.

“[Another benefit is] the quicker build time because it means its retail space is open for business more quickly.”

The showroom is being built over four stories and will offer 15,468 square metres. It comprises a full precast frame extending from the ground-floor slab up to the roof.

The use of the prefabs has also seen a more open space created, with there now being no need for central support columns. Structural stability is instead provided from the precast lift and stairwell cores.

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