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Major commercial development uses UHPC

12th November 2023 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 comments

Ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a dense and robust variant of concrete that boasts exceptional strength, both in flooring and exterior cladding. The concrete variant has recently been used by USA contractor Cage Brothers in a nine-story commercial building in Sioux Falls, Dakota.

Although it is not commonly employed in commercial construction, UHPC is used in bridge design. However, a recent innovative application of this material in an American commercial building may shift attitudes towards its potential uses and benefits within the consecration industry.


Joe Bunkers, the President of Cage Brothers, claims that UHPC gives architect more design options. Cage Brothers has also demonstrated that UHPC has cost benefits.

Keith Thompson of Koch Hazard Architects that worked on the building design says that the primary advantage of UHPC is that it eliminates the need for interior steel columns. This provides greater interior design flexibility for the layout of each floor. UHPC Concrete flooring has a high fire rating and reduces sound transmission.

The developer of the project was concerned about the cost and availability to steel, and this was another reason for using UHPC, as it reduces the amount of steel needed to construct a building.

UHPC has been researched and developed over the last three decades in Europe and America. Two years ago, Cage Brothers created design guidelines for UHPC buildings and developed the technology to produce precast UHPC in their factory. The Sioux Falls development is the company’s first commercial use of UHPC. There is developing interest amongst architects in using UHPC in their designs.

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