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Home expert touts concrete flooring as a top design trend

Concrete flooring is becoming a popular choice among designers for both residential and commercial projects. Jenny Marrs, a home restorer, supports the use of uncovered concrete flooring due to its durability and modern aesthetic.

Although it is commonly used in commercial buildings, concrete flooring is often concealed by wood, carpets or vinyl in living or office spaces. Some architects and designers are opting to showcase stained concrete flooring in their designs.

Marss notes that stained concrete is good because of its clean and sleek appearance. Other industry experts predict that concrete flooring will be the next big trend in interior design. While concerns about its ability to retain heat during winter months exist, underfloor heating can mitigate this issue, making floors warm and comfortable to walk, on even in bare feet.

While concrete is durable, it may develop cracks over time. These are easily disguised with cement paste.

Concrete floors offer energy-saving benefits as they absorb warm and cold air which can help reduce both heating and cooling costs.

Concrete stains come in a wide variety of colours, ensuring compatibility with any room d├ęcor style. Some stains create textured marble or stone effects or make the floor look like bricks or tiles. Rooms with concrete flooring can look sleek and modern.

Concrete is an environmentally friendly option since, at the end of a building’s life cycle, it can be recycled. Uncovered concrete floors save money compared to covering them with other materials making them cost-effective.

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