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New Torquay business units highlight benefits of concrete flooring

New business units are being built at the Lymington Road coach station in Torquay which feature concrete flooring.

The coach station is still in the midst of construction at the moment, with the main steel framework nearly finished, as well as the pre-cast concrete flooring, blockwork, and drainage. While the external walls, mezzanine floors, and roof are still yet to be completed, the building will be ready for use by small businesses in 2024.

Karl Tucker, the Chair of Heart of the South West Local Enterprise Partnership, said,

“Through this project, we are delighted to be able to make a difference to local business growth and employment opportunities in Torbay.”

Once the project is finished in 2024, there will be five business units available to rent. Businesses are requested to register their interest in occupying one or more of these units. Although this business unit building is small, it is part of Torbay Council’s wider plan to attract new businesses and increase employment opportunities in the region. To enable this expansion, transport links in the area are being improved.

Concrete flooring was chosen for this and other building developments because it is a very tough and cost-effective flooring solution. Concrete floors can withstand heavy foot traffic and machinery; a well-installed concrete floor can last many decades. It is also easy to maintain and keep clean and does not burn, which increases a building’s fire safety.

Concrete does not have to be grey and dull. Polishing technology can create a range of colours and patterns.

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