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Midlands kitchen sees full-on refurbishment

A National Lottery-funded project to repair a cottage kitchen has got underway, with particular attention to be given to its flooring.

As part of the Elford Hall Garden project, a kitchen in the Gardener’s Cottage near Tamworth, Staffordshire is being revamped so that young people – particularly those with disabilities – can learn to cook healthy food.

Dave Watton, the chairperson of the voluntary group behind the scheme, said:

“The idea is to update this to a modern catering system suitable for the public. The old kitchen would not have been adequate.”

The alterations to the kitchen in question will include considerable work on its concrete flooring, with plastering work likely to be central to the success of the project as a whole. The refurbishments are scheduled to be completed during the spring.

Nearly £10,000 was donated to the project by the Lottery. Aside from the flooring, some of this money will be spent on rewiring and an up-to-date range cooker.

There is some ambition on the part of those behind the renovation to extend the goals of the project. For example, it has been suggested that revenue could be raised via the provision of meals for elderly people. In addition, the concept of providing snacks for tourists during the summer months has been proposed.

The cottage dates back to Victorian times and the restoration work has seen volunteers make a considerable effort. If the kitchen project is successful, it is hoped that it will empower young people to gain independence and socialise while engaging in useful activity.

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