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Four trends defining the future of concrete

During the GIC European concrete event in April 2024, ten trends shaping the concrete industry’s future were discussed.

Boom in concrete flooring

There is an ongoing boom in concrete flooring. The global concrete flooring market is forecast to grow to a value of $61.4 billion US dollars by 2030, and the expo highlighted the various trends and developments in the industry.

Environmental considerations

Both green concrete and the process of carbon capture are important topics within the sector. An estimated 5 to 10% of worldwide CO2 emissions are caused by concrete production. Participants at GIC discussed how to reduce the environmental impact of concrete.

Meanwhile, concrete naturally absorbs carbon, but this makes it weaker overall. Adding sodium bicarbonate to concrete pours is a technique to prevent concrete from degrading whilst retaining its carbon capture abilities

Growing concrete products

Numerous forms of concrete are becoming more prevalent in the market. For example, the market for pre-cast concrete is growing as it saves labour time, and costs. The same can be said for self-monitoring forms. Concrete with added carbon-based fibres enables the electrical resistance to be easily read, providing early warnings about potential issues such as cracks and corrosion.

Concrete has been developed that heals damage. Two methods, one using bacteria and the other, micro-capsules, automatically fill cracks when they appear.

Technological developments

3D concrete printing is at an early stage of development. This technology creates complex and intricate shapes, allowing architects more freedom in building designs. Furthermore, digitalisation is streamlining concrete production by tracking progress, managing materials and enabling projects to be completed on time and within budget.

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