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Sheffield embraces American cuisine

An American seafood restaurant opened its doors to Sheffield on August 28. The project sees a two-storey restaurant, named Anchorage Bar and East Coast Kitchen, moving into West one plaza.

This is the latest development of the Rootstock Trading company and adds to its growing portfolio of businesses. The independent firm already owns The Harley on Glossop Road and Wick at Both Ends, which located on West Street in the South Yorkshire city.

The venue is reported to be a hybrid of both contemporary and retro themes, which has been finished off with a mix of furnishings set on a reclaimed parquet, as well as concrete flooring. Original cotton mill boxes and an American-style railway sign, complete with an authentic bullet hole, are part of the design and aim to give the restaurant a unique touch.

Head chef at the kitchen, Tom Aronica, has transferred over from the Wick at Both Ends and has planned a menu for the downstairs section of the restaurant that will offer customers a taste of America with deli-style sandwiches, sharing platters and home-cured meats.

The upstairs section will feature a menu inspired by the East Coast and will include dishes such as shrimp measured by the half pint and tomahawk steaks. Another option on the menu is grilled lobster, cooked fresh from the tank.

A range of craft beers and a selection of cocktails will complement the food, with the Bloody Mary, served with chipotle-infused vodka and a host of spices, being one of the drinks on offer.

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