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EDF cleared to build temporary nuclear structure at Hinkley Point

Last week saw EDF win clearance to build a £50 million temporary jetty, which it will use to land materials for the construction of a new nuclear power station.

The new nuclear facility, proposed for the Hinkley Point C site in West Somerset, has not yet been given the all clear though.

The approval of the sea-jetty was given by the Marine Management Secretary, and the energy secretary. That the deal had to be rubber stamped by Ed Davey, is seen by many as a good sign the full facility will be advanced.

A shortlist for the main contractor has already been compiled by EDF and though just a temporary structure, it will play a significant part in the full project. With it, the majority of the 12,000 cubic metres of concrete needed on a monthly basis will arrive by sea.

Without it, an additional 250 delivery trucks would have to use local roads in the area each day.

There will also be a significant amount of concrete used in the construction of the jetty. The 60 metre by 15 metre jetty deck itself for example will be a reinforced 1.5 metre thick concrete slab.

The aggregates storage area will also take some building.

With such a large stockpile needed, access to which will be needed 24 hours a day seven days a week, an industrial concrete floor slab, also reinforced, will be cast.

In the event the power station does not get approval, the 500 metre jetty into the sea will be removed. EDF have also said the site will be returned to its present state.

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