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Local sports facilities demanded after sporting success

Following a Great British summer of sporting success, the construction industry is supporting calls for an increased availability of top sports facilities across the country.

Many sporting and fitness clubs across the country have reported a large increase in enquiries over the past few weeks. Furthermore, there have also been parents delighted that kids are playing athletics in the garden, instead of sitting in front of games consoles.

Many in the construction trade believe that now is the time to strike, to help give these generations the local authority and school sport facilities they need.

Paul Drechsler, chief executive for Wates, said:

“Young people deserve the best schools and facilities in order to be able to compete – it’s our duty to give that to them.”

He went on to add that the construction industry was important in the summer’s success, congratulating those who contributed to the building of iconic sporting stadia.

To increase the value of the last few weeks, the government is being urged to boost its funding of the Priority School Building Programme. It presently stands at £2.4 billion.

Also taking up the call is H+H UK’s Mark Oliver. The managing director repeated the CBI’s calls for an increase in school building and repair, maintenance and innovation works. He said:

“[schools building and RMI work] are two areas where more sports funding could benefit the economy.”

From the construction of indoor arenas with high-quality concrete flooring for multi-sports, to the creation of outdoor facilities, there is much to do. How the government acts in the next few months will be closely watched as a result.

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