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Jaguar Landrover – Special Vehicle Operations Building

5th March 2017 hand laid floors

The 200-acre site is former RAF Honiley airfield and was bought  by Jaguar Land Rover in September 2014 the site is now home to the Jaguar Land Rover Heritage Driving experience and some of its IT operations.

Once completed the 17,000m2 workshop and office building will become their Special Vehicle Operations and world class testing facility

While small in number, the Vehicle Operations Team is a major part of JLR business, they focus on preparing and refining vehicles for global events and product launches helping customers around the world fall in love with their cars.

Our Client: Wates Construction Ltd
Project: Jaguar Landrover
Location: Former RAF Honiley Airfield, Fenn End, Kenilworth.
Project duration: 13 weeks: 29 pour days
Project completion date: November  2016

Services provided:

  • Full labour, plant and materials supply package was provided.
  • 17,000m2 hand laid SR3 powerfloat finish.
  • Workshop area: 200mm thick slab with two continuous layers of A193 mesh with saw-cut joints
  • Office Ground Floor/Atrium: 175mm thick slab with one continuous layer of A193 mesh with saw-cut joints
  • Office First Floor & Roof: 130mm thick slab with one continuous layer of A393 mesh.

Why we were chosen:

  • Quality of workmanship that we provide along with our expertise.