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Advanced concrete flooring reduces cracks and increases capacity

A new solution in concrete flooring has been produced by CEMEX UK, which promises to achieve higher durability and carry greater loads, without using steel.

The system, known as Advanced Flooring, uses a combination of macro and micro-synthetic fibres within, which, in effect, replaces the use of a steel mesh. The result is a floor that has a high resistance to abrasion, corrosion, cracking and sudden impact.

The new construct also offers a greater load capacity, often with the additional benefit of a shallower depth floor. Subsequently, concrete flooring contractors and their clients could be set to save significant amounts of money and time.

The reinforcement that is provided by the synthetic fibres covers every point in the mix. With such an even distribution, there are no weak spots or stress areas. This in turn allows for the greater tolerances to be achieved.

The system has already been used successfully in practice, notably by an industrial workspace in the Midlands.

The client specification demanded that the floor be capable of enduring heavy plant equipment, and large buckets laden with salt. It is certainly a mix of weight and abrasive and corrosive materials that will put the new system through its paces over the lifespan.

Such advances being made with industrial concrete flooring bodes well for the future of commercial building in the UK.

The cost savings they represent is all important however, things are a great deal more beneficial than this. More environmentally friendly materials are used, whilst with easier installation, health and safety records are improved across the board.


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