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Operation concrete

A £10m design and build project at King’s College Hospital in London is being constructed using a modular system.  The project includes concrete floors in the operating theatres.

It is the principal contractor’s own modular system which will be used during the construction programme which is scheduled to complete in just 24 weeks and includes a 4-storey ward and theatre block.

A high performance volumetric steel structure will be built to ensure minimal deflection in all areas with concrete flooring for the operating theatres.

The contractor is providing a full turnkey solution that involves working with a long-term partner that specialises in air management and operating equipment manufacturer, for the theatre design and fit-out.

The new building is designed with a 50-year structural design life and a 25-year structural warranty.

Jason Dodd, head of projects from King’s College Hospital, said: “The contractor was appointed because they were able to provide us with a full turnkey solution within the strict 24 week build schedule.

“We were impressed with how their ‘Progression’ modular system is able to keep disruption to a minimum, which is important on this development as the main hospital has to remain open and accessible for the duration.

The contractor has utilised its modular system on many other healthcare developments and we are confident of a successful project outcome.”

The project is not without problems as the site is logistically challenging site as it is almost completely enclosed with little space for site set up.

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