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Distribution facility – The Co-operative Group Ltd

13th March 2017 external hardstanding

The works on this project were to replace existing External Hardstandings which had failed.

Client: Tolent Construction Limited
Project: Distribution facility – The Co-operative Group Ltd
Location: Swift Valley, Rugby
Project duration: 20 days
Project completion date: February 2012
Sub-contract value:  225K

Services provided:

  • 9,000m2 External Hardstanding – 210mm thick with 1 layer of mesh reinforcement. Pavement laid manually using traditional ‘hit & miss’ bay method with a brushed finish & trowelled margins.

Why we were chosen:

  • Experience & expertise with External Paving construction

Issues and constraints we had to work around:

  • Our experience and expertise enabled us to carry out and complete the project during the Winter months where there is a potential exposure of the works to the elements