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Industrial Concrete Floors

Industrial Concrete Floors

In-situ concrete floors have come a long way over the years, improving the process significantly from where it once was. It was not unusual for one floor to be passed and another, to all outward intents and purposes the same, to be failed.

Today, expertise throughout the in-situ concrete flooring industry ensures that the construction of industrial concrete flooring achieves a consistent and quality finish and this is something we are committed to at Couldwell Concrete Flooring. With nearly 40 years experience in the industry, we deliver commercial and industrial floors built to last and perform, meeting and exceeding health and safety requirements for the modern day workplace every day.

Concrete Flooring: Taking the Load

The most important aspect of an in-situ concrete floor is being able to understand the loading capacity required. By assessing the operational business needs and understanding how a company works, the ideal concrete flooring product can be installed as cost effectively and time efficiently as possible.

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring, the complete analysis we bring to a product controls the design, materials and build processes used, ensuring that daily operations continue in the most productive and safe way, no matter what the environment.

Keeping Things on the Level

The flatness of a floor and its levelness are essential aspects, more so in some industrial settings than in others. Our comprehensive assessment allows these particulars to be understood, whilst the exact finish can be tailored to work effortlessly with company ideals and ambitions.

With the ability to tailor solutions for strength required, finish needed and any specific colours desired or necessary, using techniques, practised, developed and perfected over time, we are able to produce each floor to meet the most exacting of specifications.

Concrete Floors: The Final Delivery

Since 1974, Couldwell Concrete Flooring has been providing UK business with in-situ concrete flooring for a variety of tasks. Using the latest technologies, including laser screed flooring, we deliver precision and speed to the highest standards of quality, performance and safe working practices.