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In-Situ Concrete Flooring

In-situ concrete flooring

At Couldwell Concrete Flooring, we have been providing contractors and engineers with in-situ concrete flooring that is designed to perform for over 40 years. By using the latest innovations and technologies, we achieve what is required with an expert team that work closely with our clients from design, through installation and onto the finish.

Our approach delivers unrivalled quality no matter the objective. Ideal for industrial and commercial facilities throughout all sectors of business, we provide the consistency and longevity of resilient floors that is the key to operational success.

A firm foundation

When designing and installing anything in-situ at a premises, it is paramount that the essentials are taken care of. For concrete flooring, this means understanding what the load capacities are at every point, the strength required, and the finish needed.

Our operational assessment allows not only the exact tolerances to be achieved, but reduces the time and cost necessary to spend on the project.

The level best

Having understood the strength and support required, delivering a level and even floor is critical. For developments of many types and across all areas of business, how flat a floor is can make the difference to the success a final build delivers.

Applying the latest technologies, including laser screed flooring, we are able to achieve this with the utmost precision and control.

Tailored floors

The final part of any flooring is to deliver a product which meets all of the end customer requirements that are necessary. Zonal markings may be needed for example, whilst architectural designs may extend to include the flooring area, for function and impact.

With practised techniques and experience developed since 1974, we can provide in-situ flooring that looks as good as it performs, no matter what environment or setting it sits in. Cost effective and safety conscious at all times, Couldwell Concrete Flooring helps keep construction on a very firm footing.