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UK firms finally able to build on their summer success

Companies that were involved in constructing the Olympic Park are now able to promote their work, following an agreement being reached between Westminster and the British Olympic Association (BOA).

Until now, a promotions ban has prevented many firms of architects, concrete flooring contractors, construction firms and engineers responsible for delivering last summer’s success from advertising their work.

The ban was part of wide scale restrictions to protect exclusivity deals of major sponsors. However, some argued that they were too far reaching, since architecture firms were even prevented from submitting their work for industry awards.

However, the issue has now been resolved with the UK Government paying the BOA £2m, and creating a ‘supplier recognition scheme’. Under the scheme, any firms that had involvement in the infrastructure of the experience can apply for a free license.

The BOA says it will allow all firms associated to bask in the glory created by the memorable summer of 2012.

The decision will be much appreciated by hundreds of firms, most notably in the construction sector, though does come too late for some. Peter Murray, a marketing and communications consultant who effectively led the ‘Drop the Ban’ campaign for the building trade, said:

“I am very glad it is happening but it should have happened six months ago.”

Murray went on to say that while it was good news, the delay in repealing the ban had led to many contracts effectively being lost, particularly with most deals for the Rio 2016 Games having already been allocated.

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