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U.S. big cheese room has flattest concrete flooring

It is not often that the cheese manufacturing and construction industries have a great deal in common, other than, perhaps, the lunchtime sandwich fillings. However, news has reached us from the other side of The Atlantic that has changed all that.

A cheese plant in Wisconsin has achieved a somewhat notable award; that of having the flattest concrete flooring in the world. Indeed, the curing room floors of the Emmi Roth facility in the city of Platteville, are believed to be the flattest floors of any material at the moment.

The gong was announced at the recent World of Concrete exposition, hosted in Las Vegas last month. The company behind the plant’s construction, Smykal Construction, was presented with the 2012 Golden Trowel Award, in the Narrow Strip category.

The award was specifically given for the flatness and levelness of the floor, so much of the fame should be headed to Precision Concrete Floors (PCF) of Oshkosh, the concrete flooring contractors on the project.

PCF achieved a flatness rating of FF171 and a levelness rating of FL95. The standard measurements by the American Concrete Institute are FF100 and FL50 respectively.

The flatness of the floor is an essential part of the facility. As part of the curing process, robots are running the length of the room, and continually hoisting products into position on floor to ceiling racks.

It is thought the floor is the second most level and flat a floor has even been. It is certainly the second most even floor recorded in the Golden Trowel competition.

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