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Regional firms missing out on Crossrail opportunities

Crossrail’s project manager has urged regional suppliers to apply to work on the project, with just 43% of businesses outside of the capital’s environ’s presently working on the project.

Jon Mead has admitted to being disappointed at the apparent lack of interest in the UK for what is Europe’s largest construction project. Speaking about the publication of supply chain data on the scheme, he said:

“What we have found is that lots of the regions don’t even know Crossrail is happening, or they don’t realise how big it is and how many opportunities there are for the supply chain. The further you get from the South-east and London the less the dots appear on the [supply chain] map. It’s… a misconception from suppliers that Crossrail is not for them.”

From major developers to smaller concrete flooring contractors, the Crossrail project is injecting much needed cash into operations for many UK firms though. SMEs in particular are doing well, accounting for 58% of those in the supply chain. Of the total jobs available, 97% have been directed to UK based companies.

While all regions are represented on the project, some have a very sparse take-up. This is particularly the case for Northern Ireland. Mead said plans were in motion to take leading contractors on the project out to the underrepresented regions to generate interest.

With more contracts being released over the next two years, suppliers are urged to consult the CompeteFor website on a regular basis.

Crossrail has already apportioned over 550 contracts through the platform.

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