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Refurbishments at Pinewood calls for flooring with a star performance

As part of its multimillion redevelopment programme, Pinewood Studios in Buckinghamshire is undergoing some major refurbishments. One such significant change is the reclassification of a number of studios.

Two studios undergoing such a reclassification are Studio J and Studio K. Both sites will be changing from film sets to TV sets, and this requires a whole new approach to the flooring aspect of the buildings.

With film studios, cameras are more likely to run on tracks fitted to timber flooring laid on top of the industrial concrete flooring.

For TV though, cameras needs greater flexibility of movement and more freedom to move to any area of the site. Along with the greater freedom, it is imperative that the floor they run on be jolt free and smooth.

After much discussion, the choice was taken to lay a self smoothing epoxy resin screed onto the existing concrete flooring to achieve this.

Providing a clean finish, the covering was also preferred as it can handle the daily life of a studio.

A TV studio set is a constantly changing environment. One day it can be a news studio, the next a quiz show set, then a morning cookery show kitchen. Essentially, it needs to perform no matter what is required.

A hard wearing floor is required, one which can handle all manner of equipment moving across it, peelable studio paints being applied to it and heavy footfall. The epoxy resin, as used by the best concrete flooring contractors in the UK, can provide this.

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