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Recycling centre to close for refurbishment

One of London’s major recycling centres is to close throughout October, as it is subject to a complete refurbishment costing nearly a quarter of a million pounds.

The Barrowell Green Household Waste and Recycling Centre at Winchmore Hill, will see the “crucial” modernization, as the facility looks to improve services to local residents.

The expansive plans will see Enfield Council invest £225,000 into the project. Better quality green waste containers will be installed, as well as new gantries. The facility may also see the laying of a new industrial concrete flooring to replace the old damaged one.

In addition, new and clearer road markings will be applied, allowing traffic flow to be improved around the site. It is hoped this, and other improvements, will significantly reduce queueing times at peak periods.

Talking about the project, which is being conducted in October to take advantage of the seasonally quiet period and dry weather, Enfield Council environmental cabinet member Chris Bond said:

“These works are absolutely crucial in ensuring [Barrowell] provides a high quality service to our residents and continues to play a vital role in helping us to manage our waste for years to come.”

It is hoped that the works will be completed quickly, allowing the site to be opened in time for the end-of-year rush. However, Cllr. Bond has asked for patience should the work run over due to inclement weather.

During the refurbishment, residents are asked to use alternative sites. The closest are Hornsey Recycling Centre, Kings Road Recycling Centre in Chingford, Park View Recycling Centre in Tottenham and Summers Lance Recycling Centre in Barnet.

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