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Olympic ban restricting British construction growth

Marketing restrictions put in place for the London Olympics are restricting the growth of construction businesses in the UK, according to a government commissioned report.

The marketing restrictions, which prevent Olympic contractors from advertising their involvement in the Games, were put in place to protect the interests of official sponsors.

As a result, many of the companies responsible for the construction of the Olympic Park are presently unable to publicly advertise their involvement both here in the UK, and in overseas markets.

This has affected many companies, from concrete flooring contractors to scaffolding suppliers.

The restrictions, originally thought to be relaxed in August 2012, look set to remain in place until well into the New Year, despite Olympic Delivery Authority chairman Sir John Armitt’s report.

Armitt’s report looked at how UK businesses could maximise their involvement in the Games; with the relaxation of the restrictions one of his leading recommendations.

Whilst the government said this was on their agenda for discussion with the British Olympic Authority, the proximity of the Games commencing would push the start of talks back to the autumn. This makes any solution unlikely before 2013.

The report, titled ‘London 2012 – a global showcase for UK plc’, highlighted how the benefits to suppliers for the Games have been limited. However, it did find that reputations had been enhanced, positions strengthened and finances improved for many involved.

In total, nearly 280 companies were involved in delivering the facilities for London 2012, amounting to nearly £7billion worth of contracts.

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