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How concrete flooring helps keep athletes cool

The architects in charge of designing the athlete’s village in Paris for this summer’s games have implemented an interesting way to keep the occupants cool during the hot summer.

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Cloud technology makes sure concrete floors are flat

In many situations, it is important that concrete flooring is completely flat, especially in work environments equipped with robots, which can be inefficient on

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Four trends defining the future of concrete

During the GIC European concrete event in April 2024, ten trends shaping the concrete industry’s

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New method discovered to build textile-reinforced concrete flooring

Textile-reinforced concrete, compared to steel-reinforced concrete, is not only lighter but also more eco-friendly. However, calculating its performance in

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Golden Trowel Awards highlight improvements in concrete flooring

Golden Trowel Awards are presented to contractors who create the most level concrete flooring. The concept behind the founding of the awards is

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Study looks at how to replace sand in concrete

11th February 2024 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 Comments

Rice University in Texas has conducted a study on replacing sand with

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New York skyscraper uses Ancient Roman flooring technique

A recently converted skyscraper in New York has utilised technology similar to that used in the construction of the Pantheon, which dates back to

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Home expert touts concrete flooring as a top design trend

Concrete flooring is becoming a popular choice among designers for both residential and commercial projects. Jenny Marrs, a home restorer, supports the use of

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Major commercial development uses UHPC

12th November 2023 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 Comments

Ultra high-performance concrete (UHPC) is a dense and robust variant of concrete that boasts exceptional strength, both in flooring and exterior cladding. The concrete variant has recently been used by

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UK commits to reducing carbon emissions in concrete production

12th October 2023 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 Comments

The UK uses approximately 11.7 million tonnes of concrete. However, producers are developing methods to diminish the carbon cost associated with concrete.

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