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New train station expected to be completed by end of 2017

The city of Dundee is preparing itself for its new skyline train service by constructing a new train station, which should be complete in just over a year’s time.

Work on the station’s new site is believed to be progressing at a pleasing pace after a steel frame weighing 1,100 tonnes began to be installed.

Developers behind the project are confident that the steel frame will be completed by the end of this year, which will then see the focus turn to the installation of metal decking, followed by concrete flooring being installed to provide the station concourse.

The train station is just one element of the skyline complex, with a hotel and a number of shops also being built on the site. The work on these will run concurrently with the outer sections of the train stations.

The station and complex are being built as a key part of the city’s waterfront development, with the 120-room Sleeperz hotel set to become one of the chain’s biggest in the UK.

The infrastructure contractors behind this project is Balfour Beatty, acting on behalf of Dundee City Council. Its regional managing director, Hector MacAulay, commented that it is an exciting construction programme that will change the skyline of Dundee.

Furthermore, Balfour Beatty is using this project as an opportunity to get local young and unemployed people to gain experience in the construction industry, and use it as a gateway to future career opportunities.

At present, all construction work on the site is expected to be completed by Christmas 2017.

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