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New high-performance concrete developed

29th October 2012 by Sean Couldwell Concrete 0 comments

A new range of ‘ultra-high performance’ concrete has been developed by one of the world’s biggest cement providers. Ideal for use in harsh environments, it could offer concrete flooring contractors and customers the perfect solution.

Developed by Cemex, ‘MicroTech’ has been specifically designed to deliver strength, impermeability, durability and fast-gain strength. Highly resistant to acids, chloride and sulphate, it is perfect for use in aggressive environments.

Used on concrete flooring projects in areas such as container handling and intermodal depots, chemical facilities and distribution centres, use of the new mix could result in significant cost savings over long period of time. However, it will not be overly expensive ahead of what is already used in the market.

The four variations available can be used in situ in the exact same way as other ready mixes. Furthermore, no additional or new equipment is needed, nor is any additional treatment required in order to achieve the flexural strength.

All four variants contain microsilica – a surplus from steel manufacture. Cemex UK’s Steve Crompton, national technical director for the firm, explained:

“The microsilica is actually a very fine dust, about as fine as tobacco smoke. When mixed with the concrete it helps to optimize [sic] the void structure of the concrete, making it very dense.”

It is the denseness which gives the product low permeability, though all four variants have marked differences.

The most basic is MicroTech S, which is suitable for most basic applications. MicroTech SF is reinforced with steel fibres, MicroTech PF with polypropylene fibres, and MicroTech HS is said to achieve compressive strength in excess of 80N/mm sq in just 28 days.

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