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New concrete made from waste resists military attacks

Engineers have developed a new type of concrete made up of 40% waste tinder, rice husk and sand. This concrete is economical to produce, and high impact and crackle resistant.

The new concrete has been developed at the Military Studies Center at Far Eastern Federal University (MSC FEFU). It is intended for use in military buildings, nuclear power plants and for buildings in the Arctic. Concrete flooring and walls made with this material are impact resistant. Its texture is rubber-like to absorb impact and will resist shell hits. It could also be used to protect buildings from tsunami waves and earthquakes.

A professor at FEFU, Roman Feduik said:

“Today the whole world is working on counter-terrorist security facilities that would defend other structures from a shell hit or a plane crash. We’ve approached this issue from our own angle and developed an impact-proof material.”

Professor Feduikl says that plans to manufacture the new concrete have been developed. The concrete should not be expensive to make, as less concrete and more waste materials are used.

Previously the FEFU researchers have developed impact resistant concrete that pours at three to four times the speed of conventional concrete.

Commercial buildings in the UK have concrete flooring that is strong and impact resistant. Most buildings do not need concrete that defends against military attacks and there is no danger from earthquakes of tsunamis. The new concrete could have uses in military buildings and civil ones that are threatened by terrorist attacks.

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