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Keswick is fighting floods, says action group

A Cumbrian disaster action team has responded to claims from insurer Zurich that residents and businesses in flood-prone areas are underprepared, arguing that plenty of work is being done to fend off floods.

Stephen Curtis, who is a member of the Keswick Flood Action Group and runs a guest house in the town, told that a number of local establishments have taken steps to minimise the effects of floods, such as installing concrete flooring.

Concrete floors are particularly flood resistance because, unlike some wood or vinyl floors, they will not warp or loosen as a result of water damage. Flood experts have been known to advocate laying tiles on concrete for added protection.

Curtis added that his Bramblewood Cottage Guest House has taken additional steps such as fitting floodgates and getting the building surveyed. He pointed out that many locals are taking anti-flood measures and, while cost is proving to be a barrier to many, the work of local groups like the Women’s Institute is proving valuable in ensuring the community is prepared and able to assist in the event of a flood.

In a report published on August 23, Zurich stated that “memories from previous floods are often forgotten” and added that even though companies previously affected by floods may have taken action, they may still not be any better prepared.

Based in the Lake District, Keswick made headlines last December when a number of properties were affected by floods of muddy water as a result of Storm Desmond.

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