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Initiative launched to promote construction careers

An influential body of construction professionals has launched a campaign aimed at promoting careers in the industry.

The ‘Jobs for Growth’ campaign has been launched by the Get Britain Building (GBB) coalition. Comprising many civil engineers, product suppliers, concrete floor contractors, builders and architects, GBB is also urging the government to “build our way out of recession”.

The group is arguing that such an approach has worked before and will work again and, with both housing and employment opportunities currently being in short supply, the idea could help on both fronts. Launched at the inaugural UK Housing Summit on September 17, the campaign recommends measures for the banks and government to introduce.

Speaking about Jobs for Growth, GBB leader Mike Leonard said:

“The UK needs jobs and growth, and building our way out of recession is now the only solution left to Government.”

The GBB founder went on to say:

“Over the coming months we will work closely with all our local and national politicians, banks and other decision influencers to build the case for Jobs and Growth.”

Leonard went on to state that the country has the demand for such an initiative. Also claiming that the skills are in place to make the process happen, he is confident it will help lead the country to a better economic performance.

There was some good news for the construction industry in the past week, when the Office for National Statistics (ONS) reported that the volume of construction output rose by over 2% from June to July.

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