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Golden Trowel Awards highlight improvements in concrete flooring

Golden Trowel Awards are presented to contractors who create the most level concrete flooring. The concept behind the founding of the awards is that competition improves the quality of concrete flooring, and industry leaders believe this thought to be proven true.

The concrete flooring that was awarded the first-ever Golden Trowel Awards in 1990 would no longer be able to secure the top position due to advancements in concrete flooring techniques. The credit for this goes partly to the ever-growing expertise of concrete floor consultants, as well as their employment of advanced technology and tools such as laser screeds, resulting in flatter and superior floors which can be seen in the entries to the awards in the years since. The installation of level and well-finished concrete flooring is a highly skilled process, with a new generation learning these skills to produce top quality floors.

Contestants for the 2023 awards came from diverse corners of the globe, including Asia, America, Europe and China. Six contractors were given the Golden Trowel Award in 2023. These were Chengdu Keyixin Technology Co. Ltd.from China; The Nutcon Corporation Co. Ltd from Thailand; The George J. Shaw Construction Company from the USA; Ciclo Engengharia and Alphapiso Tec. Em Pisos from Brazil; and Colasanti South Inc. from USA. There were also several Silver Awards given.

These contractors are considered the best in the world at striving for exceptional standards in the production of concrete flooring. They have also proven that top-tier concrete flooring can be efficiently and quickly produced, without ever compromising on quality.

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